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Shane Tomlin and Sey Bennett, were boarding their own patrol craft. Tomlin, standing by, a deep rumbling voice crackled in Duke's helmet. Bennett, standing by, a musical, feminine voice sounded in his helmet. Launching now, Duke announced, and squeezed the apartamente de vanzare bucuresti throttle on on the stick of his craft. His ship careened down the launch way and was suddenly clear of the Excalibur. The gunmetal gray of the Excalibur reflected the light of the surrounding stars dully. The twin apartamente de vanzare bucuresti ships of Tomlin and Bennett joined him, like two lanterns coming up, on either side of him. Remember, Ladies and Gents, he said in a drawl, this is diplomacy. Fly slow and smooth and not too close. *** On board the Excalibur, Venice carefully groomed her black hair, adjusted her dress uniform, and strapped on her weapons belt. As a part of her dress attire, she carried a bright handled dagger on her left, the electronic stun gun on her right. The dagger bucuresti was, of course, decorative. McPherson had asked her to join the group of officers who would meet the party, but she planned to allow Lt. Redwine to handle security for the alien visit. Her reasons were two fold-- one, she wanted to placate Redwine, and two, she wanted to man the monitors herself. Venice wanted to have a chance to observe closely without being observed, for she was determined to do whatever she could to protect the Excalibur. Redwine and Rich Weber were waiting as she entered security. Both were attired as useful site she was, in dress black with fancy white braid. Lynn Washington was also at her post, in her standard uniform, watching the bank of monitors. Ready, gentlemen? she queried. Yes, Major, Redwine answered for both of them. Once the actual tour is underway, Venice explained as they made their way through the warren of corridors to the landing bay, I am going to fall to the rear and return to the bridge, so I can use the monitors there to follow the tour. It goes against my training to have all the prinl officers in the same spot. You and Rich are to remain with the tour and keep your eyes wide open. I have a gut feeling that something bad is going on here. Try as I might to be open minded, this is a feeling that I just can't shake. Agreed, Major. Redwine affirmed, as half of the Excalibur's security team joined the greeting detail. *** Standing outside of the landing bay doors, watching the status monitors, the executive staff of the Excalibur watched a small ship, only slightly larger than one of the Excalibur's own landing craft, settle down expertly. The occupants remained in their craft, according to the prior agreement, only emerging when given a signal by the Excalibur. The officers flanked Captain McPherson as he approached the ramp that lowered from the alien craft. Venice stood on one side, apartamente de vanzare bucuresti Redwine on the other. Rich Weber moved close behind the captain, because his primary focus was personal security for him. Engineer James and Astrogator Aaron were on either side of the captain, eager for a look at the visitors. The three aliens emerging from the craft closely resembled the screen image of Azareel, their spokesman. Bald, pale blue-gray skulls sat upon short necks and wide shoulders. Black robes obscured the physique below; only black gloves and boots showed the extremities. The visitors were all about the same height, close to seven feet, so the Excalibur crewmen were looking up as they greeted the aliens. The one in the middle of the trio opened